God made my tire flat!

Over the past few months, I’ve had a multitude of flat tires starting with my car and ending with my bike- at least I hope it ends there. However, I’d be crazy to think that will be the last of the flat tire bandit, though. Each time I’ve discovered that depressing deflated hunk of rubber, I’ve taken it fairly well for someone who tends to overreact at the small stuff. As each tire is repaired, I often think back to something a pastor once said in church one morning. He was talking about being able to tell the difference between things going bad in your life and that of just having a flat tire. I remember him saying, “You’re driving down the road and you have a flat, it’s not because God made it happen, it’s because you just forgot to check the air pressure.” I have to laugh about this because isn’t it possible? Of course, it’s possible, but does God really have that kind of time, to go around deflating tires to teach you a lesson or to get back at you? The real question is, what did I learn out of these experiences? The most obvious is, a flat tire doesn’t have to ruin your day and I’m able to make light of the situation by writing about it.

Being able to appreciate the little things in life is what it really comes down to. We as humans are constantly on the go and it’s no fun when we have to stop what we’re doing. Mason Slater explains in his blog post titled The Blessing of a Flat Tire “If we only had eyes to see, far more often than we realize, our days are filled with grace. It can be easy to miss, but when God gives us a glimpse, it is incredible to see all the little ways He cares for us—right down to a helping hand when you’re lying under a car, covered in snow, trying to fix a flat.” It’s often hard to see the little things that God does in our life, even when it seems like there can be no good in a bad situation. If anyone is guilty of questioning God’s sovereignty, it’s definitely me. When things go wrong, I sometimes blame God. Although I place blame, I feel as, though it’s God’s way of bringing me back to him. Turning a negative into a positive. God has a way of pulling the chair out from under you right before you’re about to sit down. This could be taken in a completely different direction based on the intelligent opinion of most humans, but sometimes we as Christians, need a wake-up call.

Rod Arters has an amazing post titled God approved my flat tire.  In his post, he talks about the sovereignty of God. One thing that really stood out in his post is when he stated: “In our fallen world, there will always be evil and as a result – such evil will create events that make us question whether God is able to do anything about it.” As I write this post, I have to laugh at the passing thoughts that go through my head. I had actually started writing this post around the time I had my second flat tire, which was more than a month ago. It’s only a guess, but perhaps I kept having flats until I was able to finish this post.

    • “The LORD works out everything to its proper end—even the wicked for a day of disaster” (Proverbs 16:4)

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